Work packages

Work package 1: Requirements, Use Cases and Architecture

  • Identify a significant set of candidate applications for MacSpace exploitation
  • Derive functional end performance requirements for MacSpace processor and MDC
  • Select and refine a set of candidate applications to build a set of benchmark programmes for validation
  • Define a MacSpace processor and MDC architecture and scalability to match identified requirements and applications

Work package 2: DSP IP Core

  • Define the MacSpace DSP IP core architecture to match the defined requirements
  • Design, verify and simulate environments to confirm the DSP IP core functionality
  • Develop the relevant software suite to enable the project partners, and eventually the end DSP customers, to develop space applications properly running on the DSP IP

Work package 3: FPGA DSP Computer Prototype

  • Create the architecture of the MacSpace processor FGPA version
  • Design the FPGA version of the MacSpace processor
  • Develop the software for developing MacSpace applications to the FPGA-based MacSpace DSP computer
  • Design the test bed for the FPGA processor and for the accommodation of the prototype chip
  • Develop software for creating and porting applications to the FPGA prototype
  • Integrate all items in the test bed systems and perform an architecture verification and preliminary benchmarking

Work package 4: Prototype Chip

  • Create the architecture of the MacSpace processor prototype chip
  • Perform the logic design of the prototype chip
  • Integrate multiple copies of the DSP IP core into the prototype chip and validate the integration
  • Perform back-end physical design of the prototype chip and verify the design
  • Fabricate the prototype chip and package the dies in preparation for testing the chip

Work package 5: Validation and Testing

  • Define a plan for validating the prototype chip on the DSP computer prototype and for measuring performance in the selected applications
  • Execute the validation and benchmarking campaign
  • Test and validate the prototype chip

Work package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation

  • Implement the dissemination of information about MacSpace to a wide range of stakeholders and to the public
  • Manage the knowledge contributed and generated, the partners’ IP and the innovation activities to exploit this knowledge
  • Plan the post-project exploitation of results
  • Organise attendance of the project at third party events
  • Organise dedicated events to raise awareness and educate potential application developers (summer school)
  • Manage ethical aspects of the project

Work package 7: Project Governance and Administration

  • Set up the management infrastructure
  • Provide financial and contractual management of the consortium, including maintenance of the Consortium Agreement and follow-up contractual obligations

Work package 8: Technical Coordination

  • Coordinate the scientific and technical data activities
  • Ensure the consistency of scientific and technical activities and results
  • Identify potential solutions to technical setbacks and/or disagreements